Delta Beam is a continuous beam structural analysis software. It includes a full complement of features that makes it suitable for any job from a small beam to very complex beam structures. Both students and professional engineers can use it with ease and confidence. Delta Beam has been developed to make the definition, solution and modification of 2D continuous beam problem data as fast and easy as possible.  Analysis, up to and including calculation of maximum deflections and shear and moment, may be done on continuous beams constructed of any material or combination of materials.A complete steel sections database is included with the software.

Software capabilities include the following:


 Delta Beam can handle any set of consistent units. You can select not to specify any units or alternatively specify one of the standard sets of units built into the program: English (Imperial) units or Metric units, or you can select the units manually for each type of data. English and Metric units may even be mixed if desired. see (picture)

Spans and Sections Data:

Any type of span section and material can be specified by defining the modulus of elasticity and moment of inertia and area values or a section can be selected from the
steel sections database included with the software.see (picture1, picture2)


  • Any type of basic support type can be defined (pin, roller, fixed, free, vertical spring, horizontal spring, rotational spring):  Also more complicated support configurations can be modeled.
  •  The program has also the ability to specify support displacements. See

Span Releases:

  • Any type of basic release (X, Y, Z (hinge)) or any combination of releases can be specified in any location on the span. See (picture)

 Node Load:

  •  All node load types (axial, vertical, moment) can be specified. See (picture)

      Distributed Span Loads:

      • All types of distributed loads (axial, vertical, moment) can be applied. The distributed load  can be constant, triangular or trapezoidal, and the load can  start from any location and end at any location on the span.
      • Multiple distributed loads can be applied to the same span. See

      Concentrated Span Loads:

      •   All concentrated load types (axial, vertical, moment) can be specified on any location in the span. See (picture)

      Analysis :

       The program performs static structural analysis of the beam.

      Graphical Results:

      • Most of the analysis results can be viewed graphically. Delta Beam lets you produce loading, displacement See (picture), bending moment and shear force diagrams See (picture) on the screen or printer. In addition, a graphics function allows you to interactively query the values along each diagram.

      Tabular Results:

      • All of the analysis results can be viewed in tabular format. The tabular results contain the following tables:
      1. Node displacements. See (picture)
      2. Node reactions. See (picture)
      3. Span section forces and displacements. See (picture)
      4. Max and min section force and displacement results. See (picture)
      Output report:
      • All of the analysis input data and output results are included in the output report. See (picture)

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